Today I had a conversation with my coworker she was telling me how stressed she was that she had a gray cloud over her head and just couldn’t get rid of it. Even though I could tell she wanted to get it off her chest and just scream to the top of her lungs I noticed some hesitation. I know there has been times were I walked around feeling so overwhelmed and felt like I have no one in my life who truly cares I mean truly despite being married and having friends or whatever the situation is. You still feel like I can’t really say what’s going through my mind for fear of judgment or fear that the person really just doesn’t want to hear me wine. I really want to say I hate my “Fucking job and my boss sucks ass”. Instead we filter it with “Every job has its issues my boss can be challenging sometimes” UGH! Sometimes you just want to say what’s really going through your mind. This world doesn’t allow people to just get it off their chest cry, scream, and curse just to be naked in your truth. I feel that’s why we have so many people turning to drugs to drown the pain or being around people who mean you no good for fear of being alone with our thoughts. As my coworker was speaking I thought back to the many times I felt like I wanted to scream and couldn’t be honest about what was really happening in my head I had to mask it with a filter and end the conversation with “But it will all work out” so the person I was speaking to could be released from feeling like they had to console me. We all need people someone we can truly be ourselves with or someway to get out our frustrations and just say whatever is on our minds at the time no matter how small or big.

4 thoughts on “Truth

  1. I couldn’t agree more! It’s so damaging to keep all that locked up inside. May we all learn how to recognize and manage our emotions truthfully and wisely. No small feat. 🙂

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