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Help Me!!! –

​Me: “God Help me!”
Friends call and ask if I need assistance…

“My God will help me.”
My children offer their support…

“My God will help me.”
A former love tries to console me…

“My God will help me.”
I wait for You…

“Why won’t You help me?”
God: “I sent friends, your children and a former love, what else do you need?”
…I see now, God is Everything
Thank You
~ S.D.

One thought on “Shared from WordPress

  1. Hi, You were one of the first connections when I started blogging. Haven’t heard from you for quite a while, hope all is well. Missing your brilliant, empowering words rooted in faith. Please continue.

    Nominating you for 3 days 3 quotes challenge:
    Rules of the challenge: 1.Three quotes for three days. 2.Three nominees each day (no repetition). 3.Thank the person who nominated you. 4.Inform the nominees.


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