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In February 2012, I stood to lead prayer meeting at the church I had been pastoring for 12 years in Louisiana, and the longer I stood the sicker I became. I had to leave during prayer and have one of our associates take over. That was the first evidence that something was wrong with me physically, and it would just grow worse from there. We cut back my preaching to Sunday morning only, and I went to the doctor to try to discover what the problem was. But soon I could no longer preach on Sunday morning without hanging on to the pulpit, and barely being able to make it through the service. I was granted a medical leave until they could come up with a diagnosis. After some months of testing, it was discovered that I had a little-known but increasingly popular diagnosis called POTS: “Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.”…

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2 thoughts on ““The Goodness of God In The Midst of Affliction” Sermon on Psalm 119:65-72 preached at FBC Bethalto IL

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